© Marianne Weber-Schäfer
© Marianne Weber-Schäfer

Belmont Prize 2002
for landscape architecture
and urban planning

b&k+, Arno Brandlhuber
and Bernd Kniess

Architects in Köln


Statement from the Board of Trustees

The work of the Cologne architects collaborative b&k+ centers on the redefinition of green space. To embed their projects in society, and thus in the urban environment, these two architects and urban planners make explicit use of an interdisciplinary working method with the assistance of experts from science and industry, art and culture. “Kölner Brett” and “Klimazone_n” are convincing and aesthetically outstanding examples of this creative collaboration.

© b&k+


“Brandlhuber & Kniess won the award for their unrealized project ‘Klimazone_n,’ which provided a thermal power plant/radiator to supply the entire Hannover World Exposition. The Board also honored Brandlhuber & Kniess’s ‘Kölner Brett,’ a loft house that takes its name from their Cologne headquarters and serves as a platform for a new working and living environment.”
Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 7 February 2003

© Peter Schneider

Kölner Brett