© Bernt Engelmann

Belmont Prize 2009
for Contemporary Music

Marino Formenti
Pianist and conductor from Vienna



Statement from the Board of Trustees

No less bold and ingenious than his performances of classical and contemporary music is his skill in assembling dialectical musico-poetic programs of subversive emotionality and sparkling inspiration: he allows the pieces to listen to each other, thereby becoming a composer in his own right.

"Fascinated by the moment between discomposure and euphoria, all his projects thrive on a fine-nerved and inquisitive love-affair with particular pieces of music. He never steals their secret, but neither does he impose secrets upon them. He gazes at them until they start to reveal things one never expected from them. Everything seems as it always was, and yet is completely different."
From the laudatory address by Gabriele Forberg-Schneider