© Alannagh Brennan

Belmont-Prize 2018
for Contemporary Music

Eamonn Quinn
Curator and Founder of LCMS
Louth Contemporary Music Society
Dundalk, Ireland


Statement from the Board of Trustees:

“All you need is a room and some cash”: Eamonn Quinn‘s physical space is a tiny biotope in Ireland, a rural town near the border to Brexit-plagued Northern Ireland. But the intellectual space of this man of convictions are the open skies and infinite new horizons marked out by his all-encompassing knowledge of contemporary music, his unerring perspicacity, his touching sensitivity toward things never heard before, his instinct for correlations in the repertoire and the peculiarities of the composers and performers he invites – at great financial risk.

From the Laudatio by Sebastian Berger (Governing Board):

“Another important reason for awarding Eamonn Quinn the Belmont Prize is his constant struggle to overcome boundaries.
Unfortunately, boundaries and borders, walls and fences and even cages have become quite popular again, not only in our minds. Even where they had already lost their grim force, they might regain it, like the border just a few miles north of us …”